Games in the Development of Children, the Importance of the Games and Red Castle

Games play a crucial role in the development of children. The games are a significant process through which the children can express their feelings and thoughts; they can improve their abilities, language, mental, social and emotional skills and they can make use of their creative potential. The most natural learning environment in the development of children in terms of emotional and physical aspects is the games. Families should encourage their children through conscientious and appropriate manners by selecting the suitable materials. While playing games, children learn to think and make his/her own decisions. They develop imagination, skills and abilities. They learn to focus their attention and organize their skills. They learn to know themselves better. Children have the opportunity to try various roles, express their feelings and examine their relationships with other objects and people. They facilitate and make stronger the muscle development. They ensure the children explore his/her environment, recognize the objects and put forward solutions to the problems. The children learn to express themselves, to understand what’s verbally expressed and learn new vocabulary. The children learn the rules required for the social life.

The Red Castle aims to create the ideal games and activity environment. The games develop children’s cognitive, physical and emotional skills by blending them with creativity. They develop their imagination, skills and creativity with the licensed and unlicensed characters. The children learn to focus their attention and organize their skills.

As the nutrition, affection and care are significant elements in the healthy development of children, the games and toys are also important. Games play an important role for children's physical, emotional, social, intellectual and language development. The children learn the games at an early age and perceive the world around them through the games. For this reason, children should be encouraged to frequently play games starting from the babyhood. Children should not be separated from the game environment all of a sudden ın addition, children should be allowed to choose their own toys. If one intends to buy a toy as a present for a child, the child’s age and development level should be taken into consideration. Instead of the ostentatious and expensive toys, one should select materials that can improve the muscles and increase the creativity and imagination. Those families who are not financially strong enough to buy their children toys should meet the games needs of their children. The games play a crucial role for the children in earning their environment.

The Red Castle ensures that children redesign and explore the outer world and express themselves with the help of the games. The children are ensured to learn and entertain themselves whether they are observed via the television, computer or other visual media or other objects or living beings they experience. The children may select the characters they wish and these characters have been designed in accordance with their age and gender. Instead of the ostentatious and expensive toys, one should select materials that can improve the muscles and increase the creativity and imagination. Those families who are not financially strong enough to buy their children toys should meet the games needs of their children.

How Should We Select the Toys?

The toys suitable for their development should be selected. The feathers of the toys should not be inhaled by the children. Their paint should be harmless and they should not contain poisonous materials. They should be of a size and weight appropriate for the bodies of children. The toys should be regularly reviewed and those which are damaged and broken should be changed if they may pose any dangers. The toys should be appropriate for the games and they should contain rich stimulus that can support the physical, mental, social and language development areas. Those children who receive love a nd affection from their parents and who play with their parents develop better and they can acquire higher skills. Playing games is the best educational program for children in the social, physical and conceptual development. They learn to control their environment and compete and entertain by using the materials and keeping in touch with their friends. The studies show that the integration between learning and brain functions is crucial for the development of children. Playing games is also another way of acquiring basic knowledge about the world. This knowledge paves the way for the language, art, social sciences, math and science they will experience in their later lives.

The Red Castle has been designed in accordance with the development and safety of children. The toys do not have feathers. The certificates certify that all the toys do not contain any poisonous material harmful to the health of the children. The toys are regularly renewed and the Red castle area has been designed in such a way as to enable them play safely; they do not contain any pointed end or other objects that may pose dangers to the children. All the toys and objects have been designed in accordance with the height of the children. They are functional for the social and language development as there are many children playing at the same time. The toys ensure the social development: For children, playing grounds provide opportunities to explore the environment and keep in touch with others. The toys are suitable for single or multi usages. The Red Castle playing grounds stimulate the emotions by using different patterns and contrasting colors. The playing grounds contribute to the emotional development: Well-designed and properly used playing grounds have a positive emotional development effect on children. The playing grounds are designed in a such way that enables children to explore new games methods and take risks. The parents help their children’s emotional development by observing without interfering with them. If they want, the mother and father may join the games. The transition between the games and multi functionality creates an environment for motion and interaction. The playing grounds ensure the intellectual development: the playing grounds create opportunities for children including the skills to solve problems, develop their imagination and find new games by playing with the tools. Providing smaller and safer facilities for the children, the sand pools are used in the intellectual development of the children.

Design Criteria for the Playing Grounds for Children

Institutions like the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) call on the local administrations to create well-designed playing grounds where the children can play safely. The playing grounds should meet the expectations of the public in terms of qualitative and quantitative aspects and comply with the contemporary design criteria.


It is stated that 60% of the accidents occurring on the playing grounds emerge as a result of fall (CPSC-Consumer Product Safety Comission-1990). The remaining 40% occur when a child bumps into another child or a moving element and injuries emerge due to the pointed ends, sinuous metal equipment and connection parts.