PKB Series

Sand Painting Set

Box sizesBox sizes
20 cm x 27 cm16,5 cm x 23,5 cm

The set includes 1 card, 1 toothpick and 6 bags of sand.

Sand Art Sands’ Properties

Our sands are produced primarily according to CE certificate and TSE standards. We have the documents related to this. The sands consist of granite marble, rock and glass crystals. The sands are varnished and painted first and then varnished again. Thus, it is not possible to smear the paint of sand anywhere.

Benefits of Sand Art Activity

First, our activity, which provides the opportunity to have a perfect activity, provides 100% success opportunity to the child.

The design, color knowledge, color harmony and coordination of the child who needs to design develops in order to decide which colors to paint the card chosen.

It is another benefit of the event that she/he learns to be patient and complete the activity in positive relationships with her friends, as she/he will have to wait in front of the table and the sandbox at the time of the event.

Self-confidence improves as she/he does without errors.


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