Established in 2007 in Ankara, Red Castle has been operating more than 100 activity concepts in 24 different countries and it has been doing business as “the World’s Biggest Toy Activity Chain”. Red Castle carries out its activities through 45 branches in 24 provinces including İstanbul, Ankara and Antalya and it is a pioneer in the toy industry in Turkey.

As Red Castle, we have a perfect team consisting of extraordinary people working hard for success. We would like to extend many thanks to all our franchising applicants who intend to be within the same family while pursuing and attaining our goals.


Magnificent Products

Red Castle is the indispensable opportunity of the kiosk areas at the Shopping Malls by continually renewing its product range. We work together with our franchises in testing the new products and promotions and jointly decide on the applicable solutions.

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Red Castle Sand Painting

Be one of our Dealers

You may see the relevant steps in respect to being a Franchisee.

Receiving Information

Franchising requests are accepted through application over the website, receiving information on the phone or reference method.


The applicant fills out the form that includes the applicant's resume, work experiences and references.

Preliminary Interview

Once deemed appropriate, the applicants who apply for the franchising are invited to our company for a more detailed interview.

Business Plan Presentation

Those franchise applicants who are deemed appropriate at the preliminary interview are requested to present a work plan to our company.


Whether the applicant is appropriate to carry out the business and has the capacity to achieve what he/she intends to carry out at the work plan is decided by the company authorities.


A preliminary protocol is signed with the applicant and the applicant pays ………. TL as the advance payment for the franchising rights.

Contract and Opening

The leasing and decoration works are started. Store leasing with the Franchisee is completed and a leasing contract is signed. A franchising contract is signed after the the store is put into operation.