Red Castle Sand Art and Balloon Stands are the activity areas established in Shopping Centers, allowing children to learn by having fun with sand painting activity, where the sand painting cards and balloons are sold. Red Castle Sand Art and Balloon Stands attach a constant liveliness to shopping centers with its vibrant and colorful design and event services. Shortly, it is indispensable for children.


The company, which was established in Ankara in 2007, has managed to fill a large gap in the sector under the title of EGEM GRUP, which carried the recognition to the top stop both in the World and in Turkey. It is taking firm steps towards becoming a brand by keeping the health of children at the forefront in its products produced with RED CASTLE Concept. It has become the largest company in the world producing sand art sets with its experienced and expert staff at all stages of production. Our company, which continues its journey as a large corporation having the FAMA (Facility and Merchandise Authorization) certificate provided by DISNEY, certifies that its products are organic, natural and healthy by making production under the conditions of the International Labor Organization, which is valid all over the world. Our company, which has been audited annually by the leading Independent Audit Firm in the UK, has succeeded to be among the companies producing healthy products in this way. By making license agreements with “DISNEY”, “SANRIO - HELLO KITTY” and “NILOYA”, RED CASTLE both raises the brand value and provides sustainable development with the products it produces by bringing children together with the popular characters they love.

RED CASTLE divides its customer portfolio into two separate groups. The "Red Castle Concept", which was established by renting the first customer group in shopping malls with its own business model; the second customer group is toy distributor companies that supply products to Retail stores.

In addition to its 527 domestic customers, RED CASTLE, which operates in international platforms, exports to 36 different companies in 24 different countries.

Domestic and International distribution channels are composed of National Markets, Local Markets, National Toy Markets, Local Toy Markets, National Stationeries, Local Stationeries, Nurseries, Kindergartens, Hotels, Shopping Malls, Discount Markets and Wholesalers.

RED CASTLE continues to improve its vision by participating in Nurnberg/GERMANY Toy Fair, one of the biggest toy fairs in the world, for 5 years.

Our Mission

Our mission is to raise children who are modern, participatory and professionally competent to meet the needs of children, equipped with rich and up-to-date information, have the skills and social awareness to communicate with children on the international platform, open to personal development, participant, dynamic, moral, ethical and respect for the conscience of the society; to produce modern products by carrying out strategic and executable scientific studies and researches in the field; to lead social development by offering sustainable, innovative, responsible and useful products to our country and the world, which is a center by its geographical location by promoting entrepreneurial and international business culture.

Our Vision

The vision of Red Caste is to serve the creation of modern products and children's activities of Turkey which is a bridge between Europe and Asia and a logistic base, and is to provide service with products that are dynamic, innovative and open to change, trusted and valued, nationally and internationally respected, with universal values, that are "educational products" that children and families need and are in constant demand.

Our facility has BSCI social compliance certificate based on occupational and worker safety and FSC Certificate in order to perform forest-sensitive production to the environment.